My CHH Testimony is a new way that we want to share testimonies in which Christian hip-hop plays an instrumental role in a person’s coming to Christ.

We would love to hear your testimony and use our platform to share that good news with the world! Hearing what God has done in your life can help a person curious about faith in Christ by showing them what Jesus has done for you!

Details. Please read carefully.

Please send your testimony in text form to Fouad Abou-Rizk at

Please do not add this email to your mailing list or send music submissions to this address. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, send us your Twitter handle so My CHH Testimony and Jam The Hype can tag you in our posts when we share it on social media, assuming we post your submitted testimony.

Your testimony is simply a story about yourself and God. Write your story and share it with us so we can share it with others!

Tell us a personal story about how listening to Christian hip-hop music has impacted your life and faith. We would like to hear stories about times that the music has helped you out or how it has impacted you overall. It should not be a story about how you started listening to the genre and what you like to listen to, rather how it has personally impacted you.

Please send us your testimony in text form.

  • PLEASE CHECK AND CORRECT YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR so that we do not have to fix any of that before posting it.
  • Please write it in first person. (“I did this,” NOT “He/she did this”).
  • Please send it to us in a form of a word processor program, such as Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs. A PDF file is also okay, as long as the text on it can be highlighted and copied.
  • One to two pages is a good length; please separate your story into paragraphs.

You may ask to remain anonymous and we will not use any part of your name, or only use your first or last name. Please let us know your naming preference in the email.

Assuming you do not want to remain anonymous, please include in your email your name and a nice photo/photos of yourself.

If you would like, please send us relevant photos and links relating to your testimony, such as links to songs that have impacted you.

Do not include anything in your testimony that you would not want the public to know or could get you in trouble, such as actions involving criminal activity.

Sending us your testimony does not guarantee that it will be posted. Please only send us testimonies about how Christian hip-hop has impacted your life. This website is tailored to featuring testimonies about how God has used Christian hip-hop to change the lives of it’s listeners.

This is not to be used by artists as an opportunity to gain exposure on this site or on Jam The Hype’s platform.

We look forward to hearing how God has used Christian hip-hop music to impact your life!