Artist: M.Y. Tha Vizion
Production: Kenny Williams from
Album: Dark (What Happens)
Release Date: October 31, 2010
Label: Jehovah Shalom Group
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Bio/Notes: There is no secret as to why Michael “M.Y. Tha Vizion” Yearby Sr. continues to make his mark on the underground and online music scene. Born in Miami, Florida October 31, 1983 to Reginald P. Yearby and Avis V. Yearby two Christian’s who instilled God’s word on his life that would change him forever. With his inventive lyrics crosses over the racial, cultural, and even national lines; an insatiable thirst for excelling in his craft; displaying an unequaled work ethic this is M.Y. Tha Vizion.
Everything M.Y. Tha Vizion touches prospers. He has captured his lyrics as first place in the hearts of many new fans at a number of street evangelism concerts. When a Hip-Hop artist has an opportunity to rap for the youth of Japan, that artist is naturally excited. In fact, M.Y. Tha Vizion has made a solid impression on the Japanese Community. The artist has and maintains a great family life, having a day job (U.S. Air Force) stationed in Okinawa, Japan and has a career in music. Some believers don’t know how he manages it all but it’s quite a template for other CHH artist.
What’s next for M.Y. Tha Vizion? The new EP album The Shinobi’s Son, is in development under Producer Kenny Williams of and famed mastering engineer Joshua “DJ Essence” Wann of Lampmode Recordings . A few featured Hip-Hop Artist are being concerned for collaborations and the album will be available in stores on October 31, 2010. This highly anticipate album will be available in all digital stores so look out to see what’s new in the online stores.
Writing God’s word in lyrical format manages to inspire M.Y. Tha Vizion in the inner working of his Lord God. It’s plain to see; M.Y. Tha Vizion is excelling as an artist, borrowing from artist like Lecrea, Corey Red, Mouthpiece, Sho Baraka and many more…
So much anointing, talent, and accolades in such a short time. The best is yet to come for M.Y. Tha Vizion. Keep your outer eyes and inner ears open. New things are going to be revealed through this artist