Artist: Montana
Production: Apaulsoul (THE NOC FACTORY)
Album: Dont make me (pull my bible out) THE E.P
Release Date: Mar 26, 2010
Label: Unsigned (currently under guidance from Mastermind E.N.T)
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Ok
Bio/Notes: Born and raised in East Texas comes Holy HIp Hop prospect Montana. Now calling Oklahoma City home, this new artist has had doors open like nothing we’ve seen from a new artist in a long time. Within the past year he has opened concerts for Dre Murray, Apaulsoul, K-Praize, legendary hip hop icon Kurtis Blow (set to kick off the Regenerated Tour ft D-Maub and K-Drama) and has made cameos in the unreleased video from Dillon Chase for the song back to the cross and the debut video from K-Praize featuring Cam entitled I do it for you currently being played on the Gospel Music Channel. His debut video ft Apaulsoul is set to be released in May. This kingdom based spiritually sound artist has one goal in mind and that is too turn the world upside down like the disciples in the book of Acts. Montana’s debut E.P entitled “Dont make me” Executive Produced by Apaulsoul features 5 tracks and sets the stage for his debut album ACTIN UP (Based on the book of acts) which will feature Apaulsoul, Von Won, and many more with production by The NOC factory and Halo of Airtight Productions as well as some other excellent producers yet to be named.