Arizona native Katelyn Chill is the artist behind the Instagram profile @116fanart. She shares her illustrations of Christian Hip-Hop artists and has amassed almost 2500 followers.

Chill is a high school senior and has been developing her drawing skills since her freshman year. “The key is being consistent with practicing and never giving up.” In the fall, she plans to attend Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

“I’m somebody who aspires to be a good follower of Jesus, somebody who always pushes to be creative as I can be, and I always want to inspire others.”

Her first experience with Christian Hip-Hop was listening to NF’s 2015 album Mansion. “As I went throughout high school I started listening more and more and got into the whole CHH scene.” Chill’s favorite artists are Andy Mineo, KB, and GAWVI. “It just helped me throughout different seasons of my life.”

She got the idea of drawing Christian Hip-Hop artists in 2016, noting that there were not many illustrations specifically of CHH artists that people were creating.

Listening to artists’ music is the biggest motivating factor that draws her to draw. “I will go on my Instagram Story and do a poll about, Who should I draw next?” Based on the fans’ answers she makes a decision and gets started.

Using her iPad and Apple Pencil, Chill uses an app called Procreate that is designed for digital artists. “It’s probably the best graphic design app you can get on an iPad.”

“I’ll take some reference pictures, usually from Instagram… and then I’ll start to sketch out the basic shapes.” Once she finds the perfect photo, she gets to work. After drawing advanced sketches, she adds color, detail, contrast, and finishes with lighting. “The background is actually [the] very last [part] after I do the portrait. That’s kind of how I go through my drawings.”

An average piece takes her between three to four hours, “but sometimes it will take a little longer. The Jon Keith one took six hours.”

Her Instagram following has grown significantly in recent months and artists she draws have been noticing.

“A lot of artists have been really supportive. They’ve shared my work. I’ve had GAWVI share my work. Ty Brasel has definitely been supporting me.”

She got really excited when Reach Records followed her account. “They’re only following like a-hundred-and-thirty-something people, so that’s a really big step.”

“I’ve been blown away by the fact that I actually have fans. People see my work, and they’re excited about it and excited to see what’s next.”

She wants her fans to “be inspired by everybody’s art. Even if you feel like you don’t have a special talent, everybody has a talent. You just have to work for it.”

If you love Chill’s artwork, she has an online store through Society6 where you can purchase some of her pieces. One thing she has not done yet but would really love to do is to work with artists to design their album covers.

“As soon as I started doing what I love and giving glory to God, that’s what’s important, and that’s the legacy I have to leave.”

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