Tell Us About Yourself
I’m a knucklehead. I had an identical twin and we were mixed up all kinds of bad stuff, but he came to know Christ. We started rapping together. But even after he was saved, he was murdered. I came to know Christ as well. I forgave his enemies and murderers and God wrote a new song in my heart.

I started seeing how many people were touched by my brother on Facebook, and I began responding to them. I also starting rapping on Facebook channel and got exposure on That happened about 8 different times. Then people started calling me to share my testimony.

I’ve been a roofer, dishwasher, and held many jobs to support my family. Then after doing ministry for a while God opened the door for me to do ministry full time. So, I get to travel all over the states and minister and I’ve been doing it for three years now. I’m not doing this for a record deal or distribution or hype – I’ve just been doing it to edify the body of Christ. If you follow God, you will find a fountain of life, joy, finances, and family. I’ve been married for five years and I have kids now. My wife and I come from broken homes, and for us to have a home and a family is a miracle of God. I just want to edify people and let them know that God can do it for you too.

What Are Your Greatest Challenges?

There are many politics in Christian hip hop and I felt like a lot of people weren’t embracing what God was doing in my life, or my story. I see the competition and it disappoints me. I’m not here to compete. When you know you who are in Christ, you want to recognize other leaders and support and edify each other. I want to love and I want to support. As God takes you to the top, I’d rather take the steps than an elevator. It’s beautiful to see the defeats and the victories. For example, my wife started to resent my ministry, and I was thinking, “What am I doing wrong? At least I’m not doing what I did before. I’m not in prison.” But God showed me my first ministry is with my family and that I’m pouring into my family as I pour into the sheep in the body of Christ.

What Are Some Words of Wisdom for Artists and Church Leaders?
If you want to be noticed, don’t try to be noticed. If you want to first, you gotta be last. In the Kingdom, if you go low that’s when you get elevated. If you want all the music and videos, and then you already have the wrong motive. If you’re chasing where God wants you to be, then He’ll kick open doors that no one can open for you. It’s beautiful when you align yourself with the will of God. That’s when you will be protected.

I’m a member and minister of the Dream Center of Abilene Texas. I just want to be a ministry, not a record label. We’re gonna disciple ministry-minded artists. Make sure that you’re heart is right that you’re not using the platform for your glory rather than God’s glory.