What happens when 4 young men from the city & surrounding cities of Detroit become frustrated with what the media portrays as their hometown? Anybody that watches television immediately when they heard Detroit they’d assume…. start a riot! Instead you have a group of young, educated , passionate creative innovators that have come together for 1 common goal!! Unity!

A word that you don’t usually conjure when you think about the “Murder Mitten” Detroit Rock City, Motown or the home of Eminem -Detroit! But honestly if you listen quietly you can hear the rumbling a very passionate sub culture rising from the depths of the Motor City ! A culture of young men and women that sit outside of Wayne State University and read about Ida B Wells, a group that goes to Eastern Market to paint images from their soul! A community of young creators that no longer accept the status quo!

Download M3 presents Detroit Male Cypher (feat. J Wil Music, Read B. Verses & Dre Beeze)

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