Role Model Records artist Lord Badu released an EP today called Identity. He said…

Amongst this generation, We’ve witnessed countless people who are truly in an identity Crisis. They don’t know who they are, what they are called for and who they are called to. This project is from a common messenger who was once in the same situation but has now been connected to his destiny and purpose and all he desire is to alarm his generation that there is only one place your identity can be found…and that is in Jesus Christ.

The tracklist is as follows.

  1. Know Yourself featuring Juliet Oh
  2. Doxology
  3. Suicide featuring Tracey K
  4. Better Days
  5. Light of Mine
  6. Chosen

If you were wondering where Lord Badu gets his name and why he calls himself Lord, that is the name he was given by his parents.

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