Produced by: Elvin “Kiko” Negron, Ben Crespo

We are Ben Crespo and Sarai Siddiqui or better known as Light Ends Darkness!  We are a pop, soul, and hip-hop group from Nashville, Tennessee and we have a new EP that we are excited to share with you!  Over the past few years, we have been given the amazing opportunity to work with and collaborate with many different artists such as tobyMac, DJ Maj, Royal Tailor, and Mr. Talkbox.  We even received a GMA Dove Award nomination for our original song “Birth of Love” which was featured on tobyMac’s Christmas In Diverse City album.  Since then we have toured with tobyMac and Diverse City, performed at major music festivals such as Alive Festival, Big Ticket Festival, and United Festival.  We’ve appeared on national television performing live on TBN and FOX 8 Cleveland.

Fast forward to today.  We now have an EP that we re-released on March 10, 2015 called L.E.D.  One of the songs featured on the record is our dance/party song “Move.”

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Move [Live At Ocean Way Studios]

Move [Official Music Video]

Everybody in the place I need for you to move
Everybody in the place I need for you to groove
Everybody Move-Move
Move everybody everybody Move Move
Everybody Move-Move
Everybody Move-Move
Everybody-Everybody Move-Move-Move-Move

I’m a move it move it move it to your block (you know that)
We gonna move it move it to the top (we own that)
Move it LED won’t stop (jump on that)
With the hip hop, rock and pop (He’s on that)
Light up the world with the LED-D
Let darkness know better rest in peace
Bringing love, hope with a melody
All you gotta do is M-O-V-E

[repeat Pre-Chorus/Chorus]

We gonna keep it rocking. We gonna keep it moving
All welcomed to stop in and join in to the LED movement
Move- Move- Everybody move
LED is going to do it like this like nobody do
We may through our hands up, take a step or two
Move-Move-Move side-to-side but in the name of Truth
ignite, the light let the whole world know
The LED movement is to glow

[repeat Pre-Chorus/Chorus]

Move it let me see you do it
Let me see you shine tonight
Everybody move, everybody move
Let me see that way that you do
Move it let me see you do it
Let me see you shine tonight
It’s your moment, it’s your time
Light Ends Darkness and it starts tonight

[repeat Pre-Chorus/Chorus]