July 18-20, 2019 were dates for the annual Legacy Conference in Chicago (Moody Bible Institute). Legacy is a conference that equips disciples of Christ to make disciples for Christ through its workshops, general sessions, and outreach.


The conference theme was ‘Devoted to the Gospel.’ Workshops featured teachings on disciple-making, relationships, sexuality, race, and much more, as listed on their official website legacydisciple.org.

Shai and Blair Linne, Mika and Christina Edmondson, Janette..ikz, Joseph Solomon, Preston Perry, Derek Minor, and Dhati Lewis, to name a few, were in attendance. There were also concerts and showcases for rap and poetry. Canon and Erin Cole hosted the event and they had some funny skits that were played.

I’ve been going to Legacy Conference since 2013.

2019 was another edifying experience.

To begin, I would like to highlight two general sessions.

Dr. Christopher Yuan’s ‘The Gospel is the Power of God (Romans 1:16-17).’ Yuan spoke on his testimony of going from a student gearing up to receive a PhD, to being in a prison wondering where his life was going. He also talked about sexuality and how God has given him the strength to overcome struggles. Yuan has co-authored with his mother their memoir, ‘Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God,’ and ‘A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope’ (100,000 copies sold and now in seven languages). He is also the author of ‘Giving a Voice to the Voiceless.’

‘Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story’ is his latest book. His session was well-delivered and powerful. A testimony that is needed in these times of confusion. Yuan reminded believers to move with urgency. Life and death is at stake. Learn more about Christopher Yuan on his website https://christopheryuan.com/.

The second general session that I enjoyed was done by D.A. Horton. It was titled ‘The Gospel for the Powerless (Luke 14:12-24).’ Horton broke down the Gospel in a precise way. He gave an invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior and a group of teens made the life changing decision at the altar. https://dahorton.com/

There were enlightening workshops.

‘What it Means to Be a Theologically Trained Artist’ by Brian Kammerzelt was an informative workshop on how believers can be more efficient with media and modern-day technology. It’s more than just being a great communicator. Are you really connecting and engaging with impact? Are you listening?

‘Fingerprint of God in Hip-Hop Culture’ by Aric Diaz was another encouraging workshop I attended. Diaz kept Christ at the center through worship, dance, and bringing up history that connected Hip-Hop and God. Diaz showed that God is at work in Hip-Hop culture and motivated many to keep fighting the good fight. CHH has a responsibility and opportunity to continue reaching the lost through Hip-Hop. What a blessing. Let us continue to worship the God of creativity and communicating the Gospel that we are devoted to.

Workshop topics ranged from Cultural Engagement, Gospel, African Christianity, Life on Life, and a lot more. Two of my great friends who also attended, told me great things about the workshops by Vince Bantu and Shai Linne.

Of course Legacy also had an amazing outreach and concerts. Aaron Cole, Canon, Derek Minor, Shepherd, and Steven Malcolm, among others, rocked the stage.

A great city and innovative giant in Chicago, Chicago food, Christian fellowship, disciple making, community engagement, theology workshops, growth in Christ, power to overcome struggles, tools for the walk, Christian Hip-Hop and more is a great fusion. Legacy Conference is essential for the Urban Missionary. By the way, Legacy is expanding to other cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and New York City. Keep the Legacy team in prayer.

Who is ready for Legacy 2020? I know I am!

More info on Legacy here: https://legacydisciple.org.