In August of 2013, Grammy award-winning emcee Lecrae informed his fans that he will be featured in a motion picture titled Believe Me, which was produced by Riot Studios, the faith-based company known for their documentaries Beware of Christians and One Nation Under God.

Crae will be playing the role of Dr. Darnall Malmquist in Believe Me.  The Believe Me film also includes Chronicle star Alex Russell, Zachary Knighton from the Happy Endings TV show, Johanna Braddy from Easy A, and Max Adler of Glee, among others.

According to IMDb, the description of the movie is as follows: Desperate, broke, and out of ideas, four college seniors start a fake charity to embezzle money for tuition.  The visual is a comedy/drama.  Believe Me premiered at the Dallas International Film Festival on April 5 and will hit theaters nationwide in fall of 2014.

In an interview with Dallas Film Society, Lecrae speaks on what compelled him to act in the Believe Me film. 

For me, I love satire.  So, I love when we can take serious issues and kind of massage them and laugh and just deal with it.  Everything from college tuition, to faith, to ethnicity, all those things get people up tight but I think when we can look at them and laugh at them and just have a good time, it makes for a good story.

– Lecrae

Lecrae talks about his love for art. 

For me, I’ve never wanted to be boxed in.  I don’t want to be boxed into a genre, a category, or anything along those lines.  I love art.  I love all aspects of art and I respect every aspect of artistry.  Film is another aspect of that.  Acting is another aspect of that.  Music [is another aspect of that].  This is just me paying homage to the art of film.

– Lecrae

The Grammy award-winning rapper was impressed by Zachary Knighton’s acting in Believe Me.

First of all what impresses me, even now as we are standing here talking and we’ve got to hang out a little bit at the hotel, like literally he can become a different person and that’s amazing.  In the film, he is a completely different person and that’s talent.  It’s mind blowing just to be able to transform and be able to do that.  To me, that’s the essence of acting.  If his own family members are like ‘O, I forgot that was you Zach,’ they get emotional, he wins.

– Lecrae

Watch the full interview below.

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