Lamp Mode Records artists Json, Shai Linne, Hazakim and God’s Servant get on the Chopping Block to chop up the topic of spiritual gifts.

Lamp Mode Recordings is an independently owned and operated recording label based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Their mission statement is: 

Highlighting the character of God, while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical world view through hip-hop culture.

With that at the forefront of our mind, our approach to making music is like that of an old-fashioned home cooked meal. In an age of mass production and commercialism, the temptation is to make every meal taste the same, time and again. That’s only possible when you standardize all the ingredients to the point of them losing their natural, organic nuances. We would rather celebrate the individual characteristics of life and allow that to shine through in our music. To preserve this approach, we are the ones making the decisions throughout the whole music making process. We write the music and the lyrics. We record the music. We mix the music. We develop the artwork. We labor throughout each step of the process so that our fingerprints are evident through the ministry of Lamp Mode Recordings. We are not influenced by the radio. We are not influenced by “what’s hot.” We are not influenced by marketing schemes. We understand that the LORD made us in our unique ways and if we allow it, His grace and mercy can shine through us in unique ways, all the time painting a more clear picture of His Character.

What are your views on this topic?

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