Artist: L.Warner
Production: Team Green
Release Date:
Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Carrollton, Ga

“At a time where the female rapper seemed to be an artifact of the past, L.Warner is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, with in the Christian Rap Music industry.  A self professed trailblazer and trendsetter, who boldly states that the trail she is blazing, is blazing toward Jesus, and the trend she is setting is “holiness.”

In a season where Christian hip hop is struggling to find its place in the church, as well as the Christian music industry, L. Warner is motivated by a single belief that all words are created by God for His purpose, and for His glory.  How could there be no place for God in Hip Hop, when “hip hop is about words.”

When asked about rap she states, “I’ve always been drawn to rap music, I was drawn to the passion and the rawness, I just didn’t always agree with the subject matter, but then I heard DC Talks, “He loves me.”

Shortly after that she states that she wrote her first rap entitled “John 3:16.”  Accompanied by her two sisters she would later perform the song at a school talent show.  This was not a Christian event, nevertheless the crowd went wild and that’s when “I knew.”  “That’s when I knew I could have both God and Rap.”

“One song at time” is a personal mission statement. “I believe that I can affect this world one song at time.”  L. Warner states real life experiences are the inspiration for her music.  Her current single “Today I Saw Jesus” was written as a comfort for grieving parents.
      “Everyday somewhere in the this world someone is experiencing unimaginable loss, because when a person dies whether they be 50 or 5 months they were some bodies child, no parent plans to outlive their child, I’m not God so I can’t heal their pain, but maybe I can ease it, with perspective.”  This is a song about loss written from the view point of the person that was loss, and basically they are taking a moment to let their parents know, hey, I’m alright, I’m better than alright, because Today I Saw Jesus.”