Konata Small, formerly known as K-Nuff from Rhema Soul, builds momentum for his solo career with this release of the music video for his song “Numbers,” the second single from his forthcoming album, ‘Est. 1997,’ due out this spring in partnership with RMG Amplify and Good City Music.

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The autobiographical track finds Konata reminiscing about the good and bad times of growing up in Brooklyn, New York, citing his first residence, his father abandoning the family, and one especially sad Christmas. He reflects, “So while you celebrated Christmas season / Homie we ain’t have a gift under the Christmas tree / ‘Cause we got robbed on Christmas Eve / And the strangest thing is that the grinch looked just like me.”

In the music video, Konata gives viewers an opportunity to walk in his footsteps as he revisits his old neighborhoods, schools, and parks where he played as a child. The chorus celebrates the many blessings Konata has seen since. Featured vocalist Dimitri McDowell sings, “See with God / I came up out that fire / … ‘Cause I’m looking fly now / Feeling fine.”

“Numbers was inspired by the saying/idea, ‘Numbers don’t lie,’” Konata explains. “As I think of my childhood, a lot of milestones were identified by times, places and locations. All of these had a numeric value attached to them. And my adolescence was filled with events that shaped me as a man. With that being said, my humble beginnings are something I take pride in, as well as something I can only credit God for bringing me out of.”

In December, Konata debuted the song “High Top Fade.” From 2007 to 2013, Konata released five albums with the acclaimed Christian hip hop trio Rhema Soul. Their last three albums, ‘Fingerprints,’ ‘Red,’ and ‘Dope Beats, Good News Vol. 2,’ reached the Top 40 on Billboard’s Top Albums chart.

RMG Amplify is a division of Reflection Music Group.

– Billy Johnson, Jr.

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