Hope In Motion has launched a social media-based campaign to help raise awareness of bullying. Anyone with a social media platform and an egg can participate and keep H.I.M. in public schools worldwide. The challenge is, “Don’t Be An Egghead, Give $10 To End Bullying!” Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have already started showing their support by cracking eggs on their heads and challenging their friends to do the same!

“This campaign is so much more than being a quick social media fad. Our goal is to raise awareness and financial support so we can continue saving lives just as we have done for the last four years” said H.I.M’s Founder Pedro LaTorre. “This campaign was officially launched on April 25, 2015 with a group of about twenty young adult volunteers who are passionate about saving students’ lives.”

Check out a video about the Egghead movement below. 


Two of Christian hip-hop’s well-known artists, KJ-52 and V.Rose, have shown support for Hope In Motion.

Check out their videos below. 

Hope In Motion will be in some of America’s largest cities over the next few months and this support has the ability to help keep them in motion. What if one egg could be the difference between life and death for a student?

Hope In Motion Founder Pedro LaTorre decided at a young age that circumstance will not keep him from his potential. As a child he witnessed divorce, heartache, and major disappointment. Pedro was scouted to play Professional Baseball out of high school but a sudden injury stole his ability to contend. Now he travels the world telling young people one simple message, “You are not alone. Your life matters.”

Visit https://dontbeanegghead.com/ for more information and to donate.

Will you be the next person to take the challenge?! #DONTBEANEGGHEAD

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