45’s album cover pictures basketball legend Michael Jordan, whom Kaleb mentioned did not make the varsity squad at his first attempt in high school. In October 1993, Michael Jordan retired from his basketball career to pursue a career in baseball. That didn’t work out, and in March 1995, Jordan announced his return to basketball with a two word press release; “I’m Back.” 45 was Michael Jordan’s jersey number upon his return to the NBA.

45 cover

“This project is about the faith, perseverance, hard work, and determination that it takes to achieve whatever dream you have.”

Kaleb wanted 45 to be a playlist for a kid who is pursuing their dream.

His recording process starts off with prayer, and then he works on a beat. Kaleb’s mom says that when he listens to beats, he mumbles without realizing it. “Then it would turn into words after a little while… I know a pattern before I know the words to fit that pattern.”

Life experiences, friends, and family are the biggest inspirations for Kaleb’s music.