“I am a Christian rap artist and producer. I am a family man and want to see people encouraged in Christ.” 

Cincinnati, Ohio native K-Drama released his ninth album last month, Elegiac Sessions. The title draws from the word elegy, which means a song or poem expressing sorrow or lamentation. K-Drama has been through some tough times recently. “These are things I’m going through, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.” The album seeks not only to express his own experiences but to encourage others. 

Elegiac Sessions’ artwork uses a photo that was taken for K-Drama’s first photoshoot as a seventeen-year-old back in 2001, the year he released his first album. He posted the photo to Instagram for a Throwback Thursday in June and received several comments from fans suggesting he use it in a future album cover. “I was feeling really artistic. I wanted to take listeners on a journey from when I first started doing rap.” Besides a photo of himself, the album art includes ripped pieces of notebook paper with lyrics on them, as well as torn pieces of his past album covers. 

Elegiac Sessions album art

In recent months and years, K-Drama has experienced a lot of pain that he has not been sharing with the public, much of which is related to his family’s struggle with poverty. He was disappointed recently that he was unable to pay for one of his sons to play recreation-league basketball, saying that if he paid for it, the family might not have had sufficient money to spend on groceries. 

The album begins with “Catch This Wav.” “I’m trying to be on top of this wave, and not [let] the wave be on top of me.” When K-Drama experiences the metaphorical waves of life, he has sought to keep in mind the story of Jesus calming a storm found in Mark 4.

“Even though things are not going the way I would like them to, I believe I have dominion over the waves because Jesus has dominion over the waves because he rebuked them and they obeyed.”

The following song, “Do What I Do,” provided K-Drama with a reminder of how much he loves music. “I do music because I love it. I’m grateful that God gave me the talent, and I enjoy being in the studio.” He had a great time recording and producing this song, having said, “I felt creative. I felt really content and satisfied.” The track also expresses K-Drama’s frustrations about the politics and selfish motives that often power the music industry.

After venting about the faults of others, K-Drama reflects on his own imperfections with “Gotta Do Better.” Among his weaknesses, he notes that he needs to take action to be healthier, to eat well, and to exercise. He also speaks about his need to spend more time in community with fellow Christians.

“I want to do better because I want my appreciation for salvation to show through my attitude.”

K-Drama portrait

Elegiac Sessions continues with “What I Got to Show for It?” K-Drama compares himself to his father, who he says spent all of his money on drugs. “I’m spending a lot of money on my family, but at the end of the day, I still don’t have much to show, financially speaking, for how hard I work.” K-Drama says that like his father, he is nearly broke. “There are a lot of differences, but when you’re struggling, it doesn’t feel like it.” This has caused depression and self-deprecating thoughts.

“I’m like, ‘Am I supposed to be doing music? Maybe I should quit altogether and provide for my family the way that I envision providing for them.”

“Side By Side” featured Sean C. Johnson and was initially made back in 2015. K-Drama sells beats, but once he made this beat, he decided to keep it for himself. “I was like, ‘Man, this beat’s fire. I need to make my own song to this.'” After meeting Sean C. Johnson at a concert, K-Drama and Johnson became friends. “I had hit him up like, ‘Hey, it would be dope if you could do this hook.’ He knocked it out.” The song is devoted to his wife and had been kept a secret for the past four years. “Once she actually heard it, she was pretty surprised, and she really enjoyed it.”

“If this album is a movie… [Speak to My Situation] is like the final battle scene.” K-Drama describes this song as the climax and turning point to his album. He asks God, “I’m going through all this brokenness. Lord, just like You did in the boat when You spoke to the winds and the waves and they obeyed You, I need You to speak to the winds and waves of my life.” Despite the challenging times he experienced in the past year, K-Drama says that he has trusted God to get him through. “I feel like God has answered a lot of prayers, and I feel like He really has spoken to my situation.” 

He encourages listeners to ask God for assistance for any and all of their struggles.

“We can ask God to fix it. He may not do it the way we want Him to, but He wants the best for us.” 

Since Elegiac Sessions released, “We Win Through the Struggle” has been the fan-favorite. The song was inspired by a sermon K-Drama heard at the church he attends. “When I heard it, I was in tears. I was crying because I was like, ‘I’m struggling.'” The pastor used a metaphor related to exercise and fitness. “When you train, when you lift weights, muscles don’t come without resistance. We win during the struggle. When things are too easy, oftentimes we’re not being developed.” K-Drama wants his listener to embrace the struggle and believe that they will come out of it as a stronger person.

K-Drama portrait

The final song on the album is “Highs and Lows.” It reflects not only on the past year but also K-Drama’s entire life.

“I have a lot I could complain about, but I have a lot more that I could praise God about.” 

Throughout his struggles, K-Drama has been uplifted by positive messages from fans. “When people reach out, it really blesses me.” 

Outside of music, K-Drama enjoys spending time with his family and playing old-school video games. “I always get a new system every year for my birthday.” 

“Embrace struggle, talk to God, and in the end, even if things don’t pan out the way you want, you can still look at Christ and say it was worth it.”

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