Justin Martyr aka Justin-Credible has released the new single “WOTM,” which stands for “Way of the Master.” WOTM is the third single for his upcoming album entitled ‘NNSM’ (New Name Same Mission). “WOTM” was produced by Justin Martyr. This song was inspired by the ministry of Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron and Living Waters Publications. Living Waters is a ministry that equips Christians to share their faith and do apologetics. In this song, Justin challenges the all too common practice of churches declaring people saved, all because they have repeated a “sinner’s prayer” in church. True and False Conversion is a biblical teaching explored in this song. Many people have been given a false assurance of their salvation that doesn’t come from Scripture. Justin encourages us to share our faith the way that Jesus the Master did, using God’s Law to convict the sinner and show them their need for a Savior (Ps. 19:7, Matt. 13, 19:16-30, Gal. 3:24). Hence the title “WOTM-Way of the Master.” Artwork designed by Levante Ellis @yunenxgraphics

Purchase “WOTM” on Justin’s official website justinmartyr305.com/music

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