In a Facebook video, pastor Jose Rodrigues from Rescue a Generation flips a popular script that we should follow our dreams. Should we build that brand, or business, or non-profit? We live in a culture that tells us to do everything we can to chase our dreams. However, Jose says that we should push back on that.

What is on God’s heart is for us to be obedient. I don’t see it in scripture to go follow our dreams. Your calling right now might be to be clocking in 9 to 5. We spend so much time pursuing our dreams that we forfeit what God has called us to do right now. The everyday calling might be the very thing that will connect the dots for God to build who He wants you to be. Where I look at where God has me in life right now, I could not have dreamed it up on my wildest day.

When God was providing for Elijah, he told him to go to the brook, not to straight up and go kill an animal. It was at the brook that God provided the next part of the journey. With each step of the journey that God has put us on, He is preparing connections and our character to get ready for where he’s ultimately leading us. Radical obedience is more important than dream chasing.

Through chasing the big dream, we lose out on the opportunity to get things in order to be ready to sustain the big dream. By chasing obedience is God telling us to do the small stuff, the hard stuff.

Trusting God doesn’t get any easier. Sometimes when we don’t trust God, I wonder if God doesn’t have the same sentiment towards us. Those seasons when it’s hard to trust God, you need to go all in.

How do we endure the obedient season when we don’t see the results? It’s a trust factor with us and God. Do we trust who God says who He is? Where we go wrong is that we’re obedient for the results. God is not a genie in a bottle where if we try and say “I’ll do this for you, if You do this for me.” That is partial obedience. If you must fully trust that He is doing things for your benefit – it must be “all-in” obedience.

Also, we cannot control the results of our obedience. We’re responsible for obedience. The results are up to God. If God knows you are obedient, He will be faithful. You have to trust God to trust that if the dream happens, great. If not, that’s OK too. We need to show God that we can be responsible with what we’ve been given, despite our dream. It’s hard to be obedient when it’s uncomfortable: when God tells us to forgive someone that has wronged us, or when he tells us to break up with someone. Our obedience today can unlock good things for our future.

Stop chasing the dream. Chase radical obedience.