Jonathan Baker – Nothing’s Wrong

jonathan baker nothings wrong album cover

Producer and artist Jonathan Baker releases a new full-length album today entitled “Nothing’s Wrong”.  Largely known for his smooth R&B styling on keyboard that crafted the sound of Christon Gray, and a “John Legend-like” artist from a parallel dimension, Jonathan changes gears on this album and provides a new view into his multi-faceted talents.  He breaks out the 808 drum machine, and shows that the rhymes flow effortlessly, being both a student and master of the rap game.  Jonathan’s mastery is just more proof that there are artists out there that do not run in the pack, but are totally comfortable blazing their own trail.  Jonathan is joined by trailmakers Armond Wakeup, and Herman Noble.  The beats are not hype, but the truths are.  Lyrically, Jonathan moves his stream of consciousness Facebook livestream prayer meetings into couplets in the lyrics.  If you’re looking for something beyond “God saved me” and “I love my wife” and “God is fulfilling my dream” lyrics that permeate the current #CHH scene, then you’ll appreciate Jonathan’s deep seated truths that will move you.  So be changed and enjoy something new.