Artist: John the Baptist
Album: The Dirty South Mix Tape
Purchase: $.99
Release Date: Now
Label: Forerunner Muzik/Habakkuk Music/Universal
Hometown: Forest Green, Delaware /Atlanta,Ga
Website: website
Bio/Notes: John the Baptist has been the  voice crying in the wilderness, street corners, and churches for over 12 years now.
After his 2004 release of Baptize the Game, which gained national recognition and success,  and an Holy Hip Hop Honor, 
John has been serving in his local church as Children Church Pastor in the Atlanta area where he has been living for the past
7 years.  He has recently signed to Habakkuk Music, with such artists as Lisa Page Brooks, Kevin Lavar, and Papa San, to name a few.
Habakkuk Music is planning to release THE OLD SCHOOL MIX TAPE in the spring.  Being of Bahamian and Cuban decent,
John has always been very diverse in his music.  The Island Mix Tape is scheduled for the summer, and THE DIRTY SOUTH MIX TAPE
was released on 1/11/11  on Forerunner Muzik with great success