Joanah Madzime does an amazing job of expressing the frustrations that both believers and nonbelievers go through when it comes to matching the stride of a long-legged God. Simply put, we cannot do it. God moves in ways that just breaks our brains when we try to comprehend why or what he’s doing. God makes promises and can sometimes go the distance of making it seem like quite the opposite of what he promised is prevailing. We are like Abraham and Sarah hoping that what he has promised will come to pass any day soon but it seems like it’s not even coming any year soon. Joanah has gone the route of writing a breakup letter with God – as we all have.
She eloquently captures our frustrations and speaks to the pain that we all have had in watching our plans fade to dust. But what she does in addition is just as, if not more interesting. She writes from the perspective of God who has us to deal with. We can be so unpredictable and unfaithful whether God has just made good on a promise or whether we are still waiting on it. In this emotionally charged and raw piece she speaks from the perspective of God who may not always work in ways that we can understand, relate to or even appreciate, but who always delivers bride even when she is unfaithful. This poem is packed with depth, personal experience and is valuable to anyone who is struggling with their faith or is just looking for a fresh perspective. Anyone who has lost a parent, a job or even a child can gain some insight and hopefully even some comfort from this epic piece. I don’t believe that there’s a person alive who cannot relate.

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