Life and faith can be an interesting mix at times, especially in these uncertain times.  While the darkness seems to be getting darker with the influence of our enemy, Je’kob helps to give us hope on This Side of The Sky, which is found in Christ.

This album is such a great encouragement from start to finish for believers to know what they believe and addresses many of the crucial issues that face Christians today.

“In The Beginning” is a beautiful portrayal of the Creation account in Genesis.  It builds both musically and lyrically as we go from day 1 to day 7.  “Big Bang [Interlude]” and “I Believe”  both tackle the issue of creation and intelligent design as Je’kob talks about his personal journey of coming to faith in Christ.

“Life On Mars” gets thrown in the mix, which addresses life beginning at conception.  The question gets posed here, “Why are we looking for life on Mars when we don’t respect life on ours?”  The sanctity of life seems like it is a common theme as we listen to “Hands & Feet,” which talks about the travesty of human trafficking in our world and more importantly, how we as believers work to stop it. “If you say you love God but won’t help those in need, then you are just a buster” seems to sum up his feelings on this one.

The softer tones of “Letting Go” will tug on your heartstrings as Je’kob expresses his heart as a husband and a father to be (at the time he wrote the song).  He talks about how life, love, and death are all a part of this life, but one day believers will be in a place where the heartache from these three will be no more.  Until then, we all learn the art of letting go.

“You Only Live Twice” comes hard with a message of the Gospel and we either believe or we don’t.  Either way, we only live twice.  Once here on the earth and once in heaven with Christ or once in hell separated from Christ!  This song issues the challenge to believers to preach that message to those around them.  “Illuminate” and “This Life This Life” follow the same mindset as we are reminded to let our light shine (illuminate) and live our life to the fullest (full of the abundance that Christ brings).

Je’kob hits us with a banger in “Supernova!”  This track will make you turn up with those windows down, cruisin’ down the street.

There ain’t no changin’ my mind.  Man, I’m flyin’ and I’m never gonna stop.  There ain’t no rock I can’t climb.  I’m gonna grind ’til I make it to the top.”

“This Life This Life” and the title track both bring a call to action of what we’ve heard on the rest of the album.  “This Side Of The Sky” brings to light the battle that we all face daily if we are believers!  Our enemy is constantly working with this world’s system to oppose Christ in us!  “They fighting for your soul!”  Let’s engage in that battle!