Westchester, NY – In preparation for the much anticipated debut album ‘Culture Shock’ available digitally and in-stores nationwide on August 2, 2011, Jai will participate in an online promotional tour which consists of exclusive music debuts and interviews with various online media outlets.

The promo tour kicks off on DaSouth.com this Thursday, June 16th with the official unveiling of “Praise Grenade,” already a favorite of DJ’s and supporters alike. An early version of this song was pulled from the website of Outlet Music Group’s distributor (Infinity/Central South), but DaSouth.com will reveal the final version of the song as it will appear on ‘Culture Shock.’

Other partners participating in the on-line tour include Bonnerfide Radio’s U.K. FIYAH, Rapzilla, WTUW, SonikMovement, and WNHU (88.7FM in New Haven, CT). Each stop of the tour will reveal 1-2 new tracks from the ‘Culture Shock’ record allowing supporters an early listen to the music.

On-line Promo Tour Dates:


6/23 – WNHU.NET @ 10PM EST*


6/30 – UK FIYAH on BonnerfideRadio.com*






*indicates outlets that will also conduct interviews with Jai

Continuing to sharpen a well-rounded diverse group of talents, Jai has loaned her vocal and writing gifts most recently to “He Lives” from the new Tedashii record ‘Blacklight’ which recently debuted at #1 and #2 on the Christian Albums and Gospel Albums chart on Billboard respectively, and “Stand Out” as heard on ‘The Misfit Soundtrack.’ Next up is an exciting reunion with 2011 Dove Award nominee Thi’sl as the two collaborate on a song titled “Hope Rd” from his new album ‘Beautiful Monster’ set to release July 26, 2011.

About JAI

At an early age Jai (pronounced Jay) knew that music would be a part of her life and took it upon herself to learn how to play instruments so that she could someday become a musician at her father’s church. By the age of nine Jai was a key player in the music ministry and at age eighteen she became the Worship Pastor; she now serves as one of the lead worship leaders at Faith Church in St. Louis. Jai holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Communications and is presently a thesis away from obtaining her Master of Arts Degree.  One of the core messages of Jai`s ministry is her personal testimony of abstinence prior to marriage.