Honing his skills as a spoken word artist in Tampa, FL, TAL quickly discovered the impact of well crafted words. A careful study of spoken word artist Propaganda and musical influences like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and twenty one pilots revealed a deep passion to blend words with music in a way that speaks to the current generation. TAL brings a message of encouragement to youth and young adults who often depend on music as a coping mechanism for navigating a world that fails to understand them. If one must put a label on TAL’s music, “alternative hip-hop” would be the closest description.

TAL shares his personal experiences with “the struggle” throughout The Great Struggling. Whether sharing about his own childhood awkwardness of trying to make sense of life on his song Rooftops or exploring the battle between thoughts and actions with Skeletons, there is one message he wants the listener to walk away with. “If struggling is in our blood then we are blood-related. We all struggle but there is hope.”

The lead single, Campfire, describes the simplicity one experiences while sitting around a campfire with friends. For a moment, the popping and crackling of the fire drowns out the troubles life may be presenting. TAL reminisces “the satisfaction of sitting back and watching these flames burn so slow, it’s okay to take it slow” and then he delivers honest words of truth “I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know I won’t get there if I don’t breathe.”

Heart Support, a song written for Jake Luhrs’ (lead singer August Burns Red) non-profit organization by the same name, offers encouragement to those struggling with addiction, abuse, depression, bullying and self-harm. “You are not the only one with the stains of failure” is something TAL hopes those who are struggling will hear.

Whether TAL is traveling across the country for concerts or visiting schools to encourage youth, his message is clear and consistent. “Each of us are on a unique path but yet we still have so much in common. No matter how hard the path may seem, there is hope.”

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