Before Mike REAL ever rapped on Clear Sight Music’s Jesus or Nothing project, he used to wrap burritos.

At the West Florissant Taco Bell in Ferguson, MO, REAL regularly rubbed shoulders with two of the most respected and well-known artists in the CHH movement.

“When FLAME and Thi’sl were grinding in the studio, they used to come into Taco Bell every day,” REAL said.

At that point in his life, REAL would have never guessed that a song that he co-created, Sanctuary, would be featured on FLAME’s Royal Flush album. Nor could REAL have guessed that he would one day be an artist on Clear Sight Music.

REAL is now on the verge of dropping his latest project, Mind of Hollis, on March 3rd. Using a television theme, the album is designed to give listeners access to his personal journey.

“The Mind of Hollis is really just letting people into my mind,” said REAL, whose last name is actually Hollis. “It goes from pre-Christ to being in Christ. And it even goes into now. ‘What are some of my mindsets, some of my beliefs?’

And the way that we package it is like a TV show. One of the things I’ve always liked about TV shows is the building of the character. They don’t just shove somebody in our face and say, ‘Here, watch this!’ They give the backstory.