Artist: IMAJJ (Image)
Featured: ProzperaD (Prosperity)
Production: Vybe
Release Date:
Hometown: Bound 4 Glory Records
Bio/Notes:  1 Timothy 4:12 ” Dont let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” Hi my name is Brittany Natasha Gardner. I was born on July 7th, 1987 in Columbia, Maryland. I was told that at nine months old in a small amusement park is when my family knew that music, singing, and dancing was in my blood. When I began to hear the music of a Muppet show, it grabbed me and I was dancing and singing to the music until I began to sweat. My Mom had to place me in a kid pool.

From then on there was no stopping me. We soon moved to California when I was 2 years old. Music became my passion! At the age of seven I began to write my own secular songs. Lyrics would just come out of me like rain falling from the sky during the rainy season. Through out middle school and high school I participated in the choir, where I was taught new styles of music and different ways to use my vocal ability. I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. I have grown soo much … I grew up in the church and new god almost my entire life. IT was always a battle for my heart to decide on singing gospel music or secular.

For soo long the devil convinced me to sing the music that was supposibly in my heart and in my soul! I used to go to my mom at a young age and ask her” Isn’t it wrong for me not to sing for God instead of me singing music like this?” she used to tell me that god gave me all my talent and he gave me the words that I would sing, and yes at that moment the devil convinced her and myself…it was a great excuse .

I would continue on pushing my dream of being a secular singer and thats just what it was…I went to radio stations, had small concerts. Performed in bars and small clubs but never once did those things get me anywhere! I still had the power of god pushing gospel music out of me always haveing that thought of “Maybe I should sing for Jesus,” then I would think for a second and the devil would work in my mind again bringing me further away from the idea of going gospel. I Recently took a trip to Cameroon, Africa. My mind was set on performing and getting a small fan base….. which I succeded in. I wanted to come back to america, breath, sleep, and eat secular music. I told myself this will be my life i have to succeed in it, but when I returned everything was upside down! I had no one by my side to work with anymore. I was depressed and I felt useless.

Then like a rush came so many signs from God pointing straight in one direction to sing/rap gospel music. The devil began to put fear in my eyes of doing gospel. One day I sat infront of my keyboard and I wanted to write a song(recently I had been reading the bible) so I took out a peice of paper and a pen and for some reason I picked up my bible and sat it on top of the keyboard, with no intentions of using it. I tried so hard that night to make a song and it came out with no heart , no feeling,i couldnt think of nothing! i just wasnt feeling the song at all! soo I got frustrated and looked at the bible …..gazed for a minute and opened it up to where I had been reading the night before in john 1:1 I read the first words …then I began to sing the first words” In the begining there was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god.” It was like that was what i was suppose to be doing my whole life.

I began to rejoice alone in my room singing anything that came to my mind about jesus christ. I started to praise him then i felt like I wanted to preach but in music I raised up and felt the holy spirit cover me! I closed my eyes and then there was peace. At that moment I knew that I couldn’t let fear overcome me . After that night I was stronger then I had ever been in this battle that i had been struggling with for years in my mind, But the devil didn’t stop there ! I began to have problems with people and anger in my house hold and soo many things that tried to get me back to that depressed state of being.

I slipped and slided but stayed strong in the lord! After sooo many years of this struggle I finally can say that i’ve made my true decision…now there is no turning back but only moving forward with my feet planted in the ground moving closer and closer to what god has implanted in me to do on this earth. I give god praise and glory! That was the small battle and there is a greater one that god is preparing me for ! Im thankful , I’m greatful, and Im Honored to be a new servant of GOD!THANX AND LOVE TOO ALL THAT HAVE SUPPORTED ME THROUGH OUT EVERYTHING! LOVE ~IMAJJ~