Illect Recordings Drops 40-Artist Compilation Album

Illect Recordings released a 19-song album today that compilation lovers will not be able to stop listening to! The label which has been around since the 1990s released Illect Recordings: Mind the Rap Vol. 4 today. The album features over forty-different artists from all around the country, including all of Illect’s twenty artists.

The production had a number of contributors: Die-Rek, Ess Be, Freddie Joachim, Imperial, J. Rhodan, Raging Moses, Rheomatic, Sebastian Hochstein, SoulSeize, Stro Elliot, Sundance, Tee-Wyla, Terem, and Wes Pendleton.

The album art was designed by Ben Clube. The tracklist is as follows.

  1. Crowd React featuring Stro Elliot and Lightheaded (Ozay Moore, Ohmega Watts, and Braille
  2. Breathe featuring Ess Be, Red Pill, and Sareem Poems
  3. Promise Land featuring James Gardin and produced by Terem
  4. Feeling Like A G featuring Raging Moses
  5. I Got The Spirit featuring Datin, Raging Moses, Tee-Wyla, Stefan Otto and Jered Sanders
  6. Sweeter featuring Armong WakeUp and J. Rhodan
  7. Really His featuring Krum, Sebastian Hochstein, and Sivion
  8. Know The Call featuring Imperial, Sareem Poems, and Sojourn
  9. The Name Is Die-Rek featuring DIE-REK
  10. Mad Men feat. Midcentury Modern, Rheomatic, Sintax the Terrific, Dre, and Evitan (Dres of Black Sheep & Jarobi of ATCQ)
  11. Intergalactic featuring Raging Moses, Change, and Tee-Wyla
  12. Flowers featuring Sadat X, Jurny Big, DJ Kair One, and Sebastian Hochstein
  13. Doin It featuring Freddie Joachim and Ozay Moore
  14. Fresh featuring James Gardin, Imperial, and K.I.N.E.T.I.K.
  15. The Feels featuring Armong WakeUp and Wes Pendleton
  16. Transparent See featuring Ricky Valenz, Ess Be, and Ozay Moore
  17. The Last Sunrise featuring Adam L, DJ Sean P, Sivion, Stro Elliot, and Sundance
  18. Shallow featuring Finale, Ess Be, and Sareem Poems
  19. Victorious featuring James Gardin and SoulSeize

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You can buy it on Amazon, Google Play, or download it for free on BandCamp. Stream it on Spotify.