If you’ve been following Young Noah on social media, you will know that as Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, he decided to create a compilation album from which the sales would fully go to supporting relief and recovery efforts. Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane when it made landfall near Houston, Texas on August 25th. Over the next few days, it remained along the Texas and Louisiana coast, dumping an estimated 48 inches of rain on the city of Houston, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly seven million people.

Houston based Christian hip-hop artists such as Reconcile and Corey Paul kept us updated on social media during those first days when on-the-spot media coverage was sparse. Since the massive flooding subsided, many homes are now unlivable and charitable work is needed to rebuild the homes and lives of thousands of people in Texas.

Through the month of August, Atlanta area artist Young Noah was speaking about his upcoming album 7 Hood Dynamics, whose revenues would completely be devoted to buying a house for his mother to move her out of her house in the trap where he and his siblings grew up. After he saw the devastation in Texas on the news and online, Noah set his sights on creating another album from which all proceeds would go to hurricane victims. He reached out to the Christian hip-hop community to support him to donate songs to this compilation album.

From September 4th to the 9th, another hurricane, Hurricane Irma crashed through the Caribbean, gaining winds up to 185 mph as a Category 5 storm in some places. The governor of Florida placed a mandatory evacuating on millions of people in South Florida, though many stayed. On September 10th, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, destroying many structures.

Now in October, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are in the past, but their effect on the people of Texas, Florida, and other places remain. Through the month of September, Young Noah was posting on social media about how he was accepting tracks for his compilation album, and now it two albums, and they are one week away. The Hurricane Relief Compilation – 40 Days and The Hurricane Relief Compilation – 40 Nights each feature a whopping 33 songs from artists including Swift, Json, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Ruslan, K-Drama, Angie Rose, Dillon Chase, BrvndonP, Mission, KJ-52, Sicily, and many more. Noah will also released fourteen more songs on a deluxe project, all of which go to benefiting hurricane victims, primarily in Texas and Florida.

You can pre-order The Hurricane Relief Compilation – 40 Days on iTunes or Amazon.

You can pre-order The Hurricane Relief Compilation – 40 Nights on iTunes or Amazon.