Humble Beast Announces CANVAS Conference 2018

This year’s conference will be in Santa Ana, California on November 2-3. You can also grab a “digital access pass” which includes the livestream and video downloads of sessions.

For registration, go here.

Speakers this year include:

Sho Baraka, Thomas Terry (Odd Thomas from Beautiful Eulogy), Aaron Ivey, Ashton Trujillo (filmmaker for Humble Beast), Brett McCracken (The Gospel Coalition), Cynthia Matai (Speaker), Cole Brown (Speaker), Dana Tanamachi (Lettering Artist & Designer), Eleazar Ruiz (Co-Founder, Patrol / Creative Director, Humble Beast), Esteban Shedd (Executive Director/Artist, Streetlights), Josh Dennis (Executive Vice President of the Creative Division, Crossway), Isaac Adams (Writer / Poet / Pastor, Capital Hill), Mike Cosper (Author/Speaker), Pip Craighead (Writer / Illustrator / Copywriter), Rich Perez (Pastor/Author, Christ Crucified Fellowship), Sandra McCracken (Singer / Songwriter), Sho Baraka (Artist/Speaker, Humble Beast).

This year’s performing artists include Liz Vice, Citizens and Saints, Propaganda, Beautiful Eulogy, and Alert312.

For full conference details go to