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[column]HOPP says that he went back to the drawing board for his newest album Everyday Society which was released in late June. It is about what is happening in his everyday life. The album includes interludes of HOPP’s conversations with his wife as part of that. “This album is just like, ‘You know what, here I am. I serve God. I’m an artist, but I’m normal, just like you. I have the same struggles, just like you.” He wants to show that his everyday life has become his society. HOPP wants to be transparent and creative in his music.[/column]
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“This is the HOPP sound. It’s very versatile as far as artistry.”

His way of recording music is far from the norm.

“How I record is I don’t write anything down.”

The three producers that he worked with would send him beats, then he went to the studio or another place where he recorded his music, hit record, then freestyle. He does not write down lyrics as part of making songs.