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The Heart of a Lion was kind of my introduction to CHH and just trying to find my voice.” HOPP was figuring out what to do having come from mainstream hip-hop into making music talking about his Christian faith. He says that his 2012 mixtape The Heart of a Lion took him to his album “[The] Beautiful Canvas which was kind of like ‘Hey, I’m getting the hang of it, but I also want to stay true to who I am and keep the reality of it.” On Wednesdays in January 2014 he released new music as part of a free Wake Up Wednesdays project. HOPP thought it was a cool and different way of putting out music and one that he may do again in the future.

“It was just me making music and trying to find the best way to navigate where I was.”

He likes to study hip-hop artists that he aspires to be like and see how they operate. He says that reading and the way he looks at life are other things that help his musical development.