Who is Sswag Movement?

Sswag Movement (Stop Satan’s Work Against God) is a conglomerate of 1 Way Entertainment hip-hop artists, singers, and volunteers coming together to form a movement that communicates the gospel to this generation through music and video.

SSWAG Artists

Grammy & Stellar Nominated Artist XROSS is most notably known for his relevant approach to engaging urban culture through messages of hope and faith. He has shared the gospel through hip hop and as a speaker through many joint venture with global leaders such as Nick Hall, Greg Steir, Reid Saunders, Steiger International/No Longer Music, Bill Darpino, Ben Comer, and Dave Gibson of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN. Through his record label 1 Way Entertainment, many of XROSS songs are featured in the Oxygen hit TV series Preachers of LA, Detroit and Atlanta. XROSS has also written and produced inspirational music and videos to address youth violence prevention. XROSS’ passion for youth and ministry has led him to earn a BS degree in Youth Studies and Sociology from the University of Minnesota.

Celena Lena is quickly establishing herself as a favorite among christian rappers throughout the country. Based in the Twin Cities, Celena Lena is the total package! She is beautiful with a witty personality, has a heart to serve people, loves Christ, and she’s an electrifying performer with a lot of swag! Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Celena Lena currently resides in the Twin Cities. After many years of observing her father, older brother, K-Jay (hip hop artist) and younger brother, Tytist write, produce, record and perform, Celena Lena developed a love and passion for Christian Hip hop ministry. Celena Lena partnered with Nick Hall and Pulse (one of the largest christian evangelism organization is the world) for a High School tour. Performing in front of thousands of students she has mastered her craft. Celena Lena has positioned herself as a highly sought after artist with her hit singles. Celena Lena is humble and down to earth with a smile that is contagious and will light up the room. She is the real deal, and a true role model for young girls across the world!

Tytist is a young hip hop artist that has the total package as a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and studio engineer, all at the smooth age of 19. This National Honor Society student’s artistry is similar in nature to Lecrae and Chance The Rapper. His style and attention to detail pays off huge with his audience fan base as they know he will always deliver fun, catchy hooks and party starter tracks. Tytist debuted his first studio album, titled “I Am Liberty” on September 28th, 2018 at Liberty University where he currently attends and plays Division I basketball.

Cord Faulker, born in in North Minneapolis, currently residing in Robbinsdale, Minnesota is a dynamic artist and performer. He has great stage presence and a stage demeanor to draw in a crowd. His artistry is very entertaining while thought provoking. Cord has hit singles out now, such as Pac Man, Ride, and Attitude, available for streaming on all digital media platforms. Be on the lookout as Cord is planning to release his new cutting-edge music video and single, “Samarai” featuring Celena Lena of 1 Way Entertainment and Sswag Movement. Cord is also well-known for his freestyling abilities. It is a hidden gift he has that he can pull out at anytime!

LiBianca is a soulful singer & artist that appeals to a diverse audience. She is a rare and raw talent that draws you into the presence of God. She also offers you a smooth R&B vibe similar to what you would hear on a hit radio station. Her style and tones are a mixture of Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. Bianca is known for her intimate unplugged set, with just her angelic voice and an acoustic guitar. She is an ideal artist for banquets, fundraisers and live concerts. Tri-lingual artist, LiBianca released a 6-song EP, titled “Say Yes” at the end of 2017 featuring a Cameroonian song as she represented her native home!

What does Sswag Movement do?

As Sswag Movement’s artists are individual talents alone, when they come together, Sswag is known for delivering high energy live concerts and community outreach events.

Sswag releases a free new song on SoundCloud every week! Be on the lookout for lots of new material coming from the Sswag camp very soon! #sswagmovement

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