He says that he album tells a story like a film or a book. “The story starts off with saying, ‘You know what, a bit about me and my personal life. I just want you to hear it and feel it… then it goes on to how in our life we can go through hard times, trials and tribulations, and not really see a way out of it, but Jesus came so that we can have a way out of these [situations]” Later on Guvna B talks about the hope and joy of Jesus and that he is with us every step of the way in life.

Worship singer Matt Redman, a good friend of Guvna B, was featured on “Let My People Go,” a song addressing and raising awareness about modern day slavery and human trafficking. Guvna B works with a charity called the A21 Campaign, which works “highlighting that this is a massive issue. There’s over twenty one million slaves all over the world and the song is saying ‘Look, we’re free in Christ, and everyone deserves that as well.”