In November, Guvna B released his sixth retail project, a new album called Secret World, which is “all about not hiding who you truly are, being proud of your testimony and allowing God to work in you.” He says that many people deal with depression, jealousy, or guilt from past mistakes, and that you should not hide the emotions and open yourself to God to help you through your difficulties.

secret world

Guvna B says that there are a lot of people dealing with secret pain; there was a friend whom he grew up with who committed suicide. “It made me think there’s a lot of people are living with stuff inside their minds that they are going through in secret, but if we were to talk about it that could help a lot of people.”

Guvna B recorded the album in Birmingham, England, with a single producer Jimmy James. For some of the songs, Guvna B had titles and messages in mind, and for others he wrote to beats that Jimmy James had already made. Guvna B said that they did not want to copy anyone else, such as following American hip-hop, so they decided to make “a real British album,” saying,

“If we were the only people left in this world, what would we want to listen to.”