This Skrip-produced cypher, which Surf Gvng filmed during Flavor Fest 2014, at Crossover Church in Tampa, FL, features Oscar Urbina, Angie Rose, and VOP on the verses with cameo appearances from various other Christian hip-hop notables. Below is a full list of those in the video:

Young Noah
Double of City Takers
HeeSun Lee
Chris Belmont
D Rhyme  from Germany
Paul Martinez
Big For Christ
Brian Wardlaw of Jam The Hype

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A fan of such diverse artists as Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Eminem, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, MC Jin, and Lecrae, Witness’s soul-penetrating songs of faith, hope, and triumph through pain are set to resonate with all who hear them.

“I have no problem being transparent,” Witness says. “I really like reaching deep into my soul and pulling out all of the raw emotions that each of us have. Every time you listen to one of my songs, I want you, as a listener, to feel like I’m pouring out my heart on every single track.”

Hailing from Chicago, IL from the Humboldt Park Neighborhood, hard times were synonymous with life for this young boy with a dream. Having seen his family struggle with drug abuse, the incarceration of his family members, and the death of many friends around him, Witness decided to pick up a pad and a pen in hopes of making it out of his neighborhood alive, without leaving the rest of his friends and family behind.

Anchoring it all together is Witness’s unique voice. His passion is matched only by his powerful and captivating delivery. “I’ve always liked watching people’s reaction to my music because they never believe that it is me behind the microphone. My sound has a mind of its own,” he laughs.

With his incredible metaphors, unconventional delivery laced with an assortment of hard hitting, heart-pulling instrumentation, Witness has a way of captivating the listener with every word that comes out of his mouth.

“I want to bring a message of HOPE to everyone out there within the range of my voice,” Witness says. “I believe that sharing my story with those who are willing to listen can give them the strength to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are.”

His latest project, Leading While Bleeding, is now available on iTunes. The EP features guest appearances from Json, SKRIP, Hillu Hillyana, and many more. Production credits include Grammy-Nominated Rey King, Sinima Beats, KIDD, Steve-T, and Hollywood Legend.

Whenever Witness is not writing or recording music, he is home in Chicago where he is a Youth Worker in his community. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t love music, but I love my family more,” he explains. “I love all of the kids in my neighborhood!” When asked about the goal for his music career Witness says, “I don’t know if I am going to make a dollar from my music. I don’t know if I will have as many fans as the next rapper. I don’t know in what direction my career is going to take, but what I do know is that God has always been faithful and he will never fail me!”

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Oscar Urbina
Look at the things that I’ve overcame
Now drinking down the rain during a Hurricane
Understanding while the wind blows
I used to be in a cell in a jail they were asking me what you in for
My emotions used to put me behind bars
Now I put my emotions in my bars that’s word play
First I heal my scars now I’m reaching for the stars
So now even my vacation is considered a workday
Who’s my next challenger
I have trials everyday so its safe to say the answer is my calendar
I want the problems in my clique to be fixed
Thru the crucifix but you just want the iPhone 6
Now I understand the journey
Oh mighty God was the judge the jury the bail money and my defense attorney
I meditated I can finally say I made it
An Israelite with kryptonite while was king David

Angie Rose
Hello my flow timed like a perfect watch
I said I keep my flow times it’s almost perfect now watch
perfect watch is why I see it 20/20
see I’m a visionary even when my vision eerie
like when I say funny guy and then sarcastically start laughing
cuz nobody needs a Christian till they bout to hit the casket right?
Basket hype I know I hit the hoops
the one that’s hanging down under your ears above your noose woo
slavery ain’t die yet homey
shackles painted gold and like your mindset they phoney
flow bolder and colder than my competitors shoulder
but the boulders that I hold up are the ones that say Jehovah
I bust a rhyme shoot and I bust a rhyme
I see a beat and ima touch it bring it busts rhymes
don’t ever mimic me lyrically ima killer bee
so when the words sting it’s cuz they coming from the trinity

Pardon me you in my lane and I don’t like traffic dude
My bars a make your face look like you just ate some nasty food
So dig into the dish and all the sides I prepared for you
Cause VOP is different don’t do what other rappers do
Like I actually live out everything that I talk about
So when I say Jesus walks it’s cause he walks no doubt
I heard proofs in the putting he put in and left no proof so when they finally checked the tomb there was nobody there to chalk it out
You searching for god in the wrong places
Cause only Jehovah can roc nations
Graduated from basic here to give rap a facelift
Off with the industry’s head what’s a giant to King David
Everybody got a beard so I might cut mine
That ain’t got nothing to do with nothing there ain’t no punch line
But if a punch is what you want my haymakers ain’t nothing nice
Like a elevator ride with solange and ray rice

Shakespeare of the Modern Day
Shake Fear that’s what mama say
The Plato of the Potters Clay
Molded in his image Imago Dei
First life is… in all the words likeness
Heaven had to plan it (planet) man is Damned by sin
watch Outter Mars (Audemars) atoms (DNA/Adams) our Crisis…
Wait a Minute, ours (hours) became seconds He’s timeless
These lyrics for the Written Impaired
Double back splitt’em up cuz they’re written in pairs
This whole year I been getting prepared
Rapping my butt off like I’m singing with Cher
But Skrip said change how I’m sounding
Went looking for my voice think I found it
Now I browse my sound its astounding
Bars – I got nightclubs, taverns, lounges
New kids on the block we ain’t finna stop
Beanstalk getting chopped sling let it rock
Dreams not to be King then set up shop
But to redeem streets where they getting popped
Marksman for the Heartless
Let a lad in (Aladdin) showem a whole new world without a carpet
I’m pouring out what’s been bottled in
This was leading while bleeding thank you for following