“I wasn’t in a writing space. I was kind of just sad a lot.”

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He left his former producer, which left him with no tracks to sing to. He told God that he didn’t know what to do and needed tracks, then “Out of nowhere my man Bryson Price sent me four tracks, and they were great. That was the spark of me beginning to write again.” He asked a relative as well as other producer friends of his and worked with them to put together songs for this album, which ended up being an EP. Though known for his singing, Chris Cobbins also raps a little bit. “Rapping is something I’ve always liked to do. I never saw myself as a rapper. It’s something I could do in short stints.” In the song “Hitman” on his new EP, he raps the second verse. “You might see that [Chris Cobbins rapping] a little more… I like to make music where I don’t have to think about it. I like it to kind of come to me.”


One of the songs on Chris Cobbins’ new EP is called “Backseat Driver” and talks about how he has been trying to tell God where to go and trying to drive for himself with his life instead of letting God be in control, sort of like a backseat driver. With the song, he wants to communicate, “God, I trust you, lead my life, but as soon as things start to happen I figure out how I’m going to change it or come up with the next thing to do. The bible says ‘in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths,’ so that’s what I should be doing but I become a backseat driver when I start to tell him, the captain of the ship, if you will, ‘Here’s how you do it, here’s how I want to do it.’” He is saying to God, “Let me let you drive, because you are better at it anyway.”