“With music I like to have it paint a picture for me, from there I try to draw from real experiences to tell a real story or create a perspective based on something I’ve gone through, so that it’s a real authentic song, but hopefully it can reach beyond something that will [only] affect me when I hear it.”

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Chris Cobbins’ new EP is called August Season: Take One. Since he was born in the month of August, that month symbolizes transition, starting over, and he says that he has had to restart a lot in his life. He recently turned thirty and also had his first child, so his life is in a time of transition. “I thought that it was appropriate to now make a project focused on what happens when you face tragedy and difficulty; how you transition from being sad, down, and depressed to [having] joy.” Because this is “take one,” he will have another project in the future with the same August theme. His EP is very transparent about his struggles, especially the loss of several relatives in late 2013.

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