With regards to his song “Surrender,” Sevin said,

“I guess the Holy Spirit inspired it because I had never really talked about the part of my life where I was molested by people in the church or abused by people in the church as a really young child.”

He believes that from such experiences he questioned God and the church, thinking, “If the light is not an option for me, then I have no place to go except further into my darkness.” When looking back on his life, Sevin believes that God has used all of the things that he has been through for his own good.

The music video for “Surrender” was captured entirely in a garage in a place where he was staying while traveling; doing mission work for his ministry, HOG MOB.

“They had this broken down car, and it looked real grimy. This looks like my life. It’s not pretty but its got potential, but it needs a lot of work.”

Sevin wanted to display a person coming from a dark place but who maintains their resolve in God. “Though it was dark, there was still light in there.” He believes that the setting provided a fitting atmosphere for the message of his song.