Sevin doesn’t spend much time in studios recording music. Instead he likes to have studio equipment with him so that he can record as soon as he gets the inspiration and feels the mood for a song.

Purple Heart not only includes new songs, but includes older songs as well. “There’s songs on here that are seven years old.” In the past Sevin had felt like there were certain songs that God wanted him to wait to release, and this album was the right time for some of them.

“Its dope because now there’s songs that I wrote to God like ‘Blow My High.’ At the time I wrote that song I was drunk and high because I was a drug addict and an alcoholic during that season of my life. That’s not news to anybody who’s been listening to my music. I’m very open and transparent about what I go through.”

When writing “Blow My High,” Sevin was depressed and would use drugs and alcohol to make him feel good. The song was asking God to get rid of his addictions and for the joy of the Holy Spirit to overcome the artificial high that he put on himself. “I wrote the song, laid it down, and then a few months later, I ended up getting delivered from both drugs and alcohol. Now I’ve been three years sober.”

He was glad to be able to include this song on Purple Heart because he believes how he wrote in the time of his addiction was very impactful and can be something that a person currently dealing with an addiction can relate to.