In the early 2000s, Sevin moved to the East Coast for a record deal doing Christian hip-hop, but “things didn’t work out, so I ended up coming back to California… a couple weeks later I’m sitting in jail for selling drugs, just making stupid decisions. It really woke me up; a lot of people left me.”

After that happened, many of his Christian friends abandoned him, and Sevin says that he became bitter towards the people of God.

“Rather than people trying to walk you through it they try to whoop you through it and that doesn’t really work. I was very bitter so I spent probably ten to twelve years of my walk towards the cross with that in my heart; not wanting anything to do with church; not wanting anything to do with Christians.”

Sevin says that he knew God was real and had the ability to impact his life, and asked God to help him and to teach him His ways. “I don’t want it from nobody else, I just want it from You because I trust You. I don’t trust anybody else.”

“I stepped away from music for a while and I got my head together. [When] I came back I was on a mission. I’m trying to disciple these streets. I know a lot of cats are trying to package themselves to be accepted by the church; I don’t care anything about that.”

Sevin believes that the true church will support him when they see him following God’s will, however unorthodox his ministry may be. He wants to be for others what he wished that people were for him.

“I want to be the brother in Christ that I never had.”