At a young age, Sevin became a gang member of Sacramento’s mid-town Oak Park Bloods.

“Growing up I did everything that the streets had to offer… but the Holy Spirit never allowed me to be comfortable in a lot of those things. I was constantly being drawn back, reminded of God.”

Sevin also started rapping as a young teenager. “When I was thirteen the big homies had me rapping but I sucked. I was terrible back then. I started again probably when I was seventeen. I was gangbanging and all of that so I was just rapping about all of that.”

“By the time I was eighteen years old I was suffering from major depression, anxiety, and not caring about anything. I ended up denouncing God, attempted suicide a few times. The Lord saved me. Holy Spirit fell on my in my room with a gun to my head and I can’t say I gave anything to Him, He just took a lot from me. He began to change my heart.”