BrvndonP has had a love for music since he was a young child, and when he was fifteen years old starting making beats in his uncle’s studio. After he made his first beat, a Christmas gift for his father, he would constantly ask his uncle if he could come over to make more beats. “I guess he got tired of coming over and he gave me the program. He was like ‘Have your dad buy you a computer and get yourself a keyboard so you can make your own beats.’”

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This month he released his third retail project, a self-titled album, BrvndonPBrvndonP has been in the works for almost three years, since his last project, The Young Future, was released in October 2013. When he started working on it, he wanted to call it Limitless, but over time as he experienced more of life, his writing changed.

Black Knight was the stage name Brandon went by for many years, until his mother confronted him about it two years ago.


“She told me one thing that changed my whole career. ‘Your name is the only thing that you own.’ That really stuck out to me and she said ‘You’ve been hiding behind Black Knight by not sharing your story.’”

His mother said she thought he was not able to fully be himself and share his heart in his music under the façade of Black Knight. His music has become much more personal since that conversation with his mom, and he decided to change his name as an artist to a simple alteration of his name as a person, BrvndonP.

BrvndonP is really a piece of me. I wanted to be really authentic and really share my life, my experiences, my flaws, and for it to help other people.”