The “Christian rapper vs. rapper who is a Christian” conversation has been going on for some time now. We got new commentary on the topic from one of Christian hip-hop’s favorite artists. Chicago, Illinois-based emcee, Gemstones, recently addressed the “Christian Rapper” label on his Facebook fan page. The Xist Music artist isn’t a fan of labels.

An unedited version of Gemstones’ Facebook post is below.

this message is probably going to ruffle some feathers and some of you probably won’t rock with me anymore after they’re done reading this, and if you don’t that only means you werent really with me from the jump. Here we go.. I don’t like wen people box me in and say im a Christian rapper/gospel rapper. I am not that! Sure Im a follower of Christ.. Sure Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.. yes I am saved! Yes i speak the gospel through my music.. No I’m not afraid to confess the name of Jesus.. But as far as my music goes its for everyone. The saved and the unsaved. It’s not just for the church crowd. I love the fact My music is being played on Chritian blog sites and secular blog sites. Christian radio stations and secular radio stations. Theres very few artist that can do that. People stop trying to put limits on a gift that was not meant to be titled and tied down. Its waaaay to big to be boxed in to some genre that a man made up. This is no shot at anyone who calls themselves Christian rappers. if that’s the mission that God has you on then by all means walk in it and be the best at it. Its just not the assignment that I’m on though. I know what God has called me to do and how he wants me to carry it out, and just because its not being done the way that you see fit you call it wrong. This message is meant for the clubs the churches the schools street corners ect. To be quite honest the church judge me more than the world does but it’s okay. Look what they did to Jesus I can’t expect them to not do it to me. In closing everybody’s gift is not meant to have the word gospel or Christian slapped on the top of it. Judge a tree by the fruit it bares. I know my what God has called me to do, Plz Don’t be mad because I don’t box mine in with a title. Its alright to be different it’s what makes us individuals, it’s what gives the world balance. My convictions may not be your convictions and Always remember there’s more than one way to skin a cat. As long as Christ gets the glory in the end that’s all that matters.

One more thing.. If you don’t know what you call me when you want someone to hear my music. just tell them to listen and it will speak to their hearts. God said my sheep will hear my Voice. It doesn’t mean I’m not saved because My music isnot meant to be boxed in to a title. Also I understand that you guys will probably continue to label it. it’s not a bad thing that you do that. I’m just telling you what I prefer. Questions and comments let’s go! Please don’t be afraid to speak your mind. -gemstones

Stones isn’t the first to publicly take this stance as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, SPZRKT, and more have done so in the past.

Gemstones‘ debut album, Blind Elephant, hits stores on May 5. Last week, he released the second single, “Lyrical Miracle,” off his forthcoming project.

What are your thoughts on what Gemstones said about the “Christian Rapper” Label?

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