Artist: G-Status
Featured: Trey Starxx
Production: G-Status
Album: Real Love 101
Purchase: Single Available
Release Date: Coming Soon
Label: Kingdom Music Group, LLC
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Bio/Notes:  Whereas in the streets,G-Status means “Gangster Status”, he took it and flipped it and turned it into a good thing. G-Status states that the “G” stands for anything positive that has to deal with God; i.e. Gospel, Great, Good, etc. After reading the Bible furthermore, G-Status stumbled upon a man in the Bible named Gideon. After reading the book of Judges, Chapter 6- Chapter 8, he decided that he would use that as an alternative. After looking at Gideon’s life, and calling, and tying it into his own, the calling was similar. Gideon was “One against many”, so is G-Status.