The name of the mixtape is Dream Soda (Soda stands for “So others do also”) I made it because I felt as if dreaming was being kinda shunned within the christian community so I just wanted to put something out for the people that have dreams and are still dreaming. I also wanted to go back to the core of what my music is creatively and go back to making songs because I liked them and not because of what someone may think.

The concept of the mixtape is: I’m going through this old vhs tape entitled “Dream Soda”. On the cover you see a rewind ,pause, record, play, and fast forward button. This line of buttons represents “life”. The pause button and the rewind button both represent the past and how sometimes we should pause and reflect on what we’ve been through to get where we are. Then there’s the play and the fast forward buttons, those represent the future, and how no matter what happened in out past we must continue to go on with life and move towards the future. (