Up-and-coming artists FLO and Threat have joined forces on their most recent body of work entitled Team Up. This free album is a foundation builder for both artists who are currently unsigned. Listeners can expect to hear a great deal of original production on the project and will get acquainted with Threat, who is a pure lyrical monster. Both artists reside in south Florida and have developed a brotherhood that goes deeper than just making music, which has translated over to their contributions on Team Up.

FLO and Threat tackle heavy, even controversial topics, offering thought-provoking perspective structured by their conversations as well as life experiences. The album contains features from artists like Mouthpi3ce, as well as some newcomers such as Eris Ford, who displays her vocal prowess on their first single “One Day,” which you can listen to below.


If there is one thing these artists hope this project will do, it’s promote unity within the body. There’s nothing we can’t do when we Team Up.

FLO’s Social Media Profiles
Twitter/Instagram: @flizzyflo
Facebook: Matthew Flores a.k.a. FLO

Threat’s Social Media Profiles
Twitter/Instagram: @threat119
Facebook: facebook.com/therealthreat