Artist: Flame
Release Date:

Here is the first single leak for our new compilation project, “The Church”, to be released June 8th, 2010.  We understand both the seemingly controversial nature of “the Church”, especially among the Hip hop contingent, and well as the biblical imperative of the Church’s importance. We are simply offering our contribution to the conversation, fueled and on the diving board of, 9 Marks’ book, “What is a healthy church?”, written by Mark Dever. 9 Marks is an organization that helps pastors think more biblically about the church through emphasizing key values that the bible ascribes to a healthy church. They do this through providing a variety of resources, most notably for the book previously listed, on which this album is primarily based. And surely a more biblical understanding of “What is a healthy church”, isn’t just needed for the pastors, but also for every believer. So along with the Lamp Mode family, we teamed up with Trip Lee, Tedashii, Flame, Evangel, and more, to bring the contents of “What is a healthy church” to the hip-hop community. This is our attempt at communicating that valuable information to and through, the hip-hop culture, so that we can accurately see our place in, “The Church”.

For your enjoyment and edification,
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