Five2Oh is a band of brothers in Christ who came together for one common goal; lead people to the cross. Music that hits hard and a passion for the people. Rill, Beezy, and Juju B Blessed are on a mission to reach, teach, and preach. Recently signed to Javo Records under CHH veteran Ras (Lil Raskull), and with the help of God, the possibilities are endless.

This track is made for the listener to grab the concept of “You aint Geeked Up if you aint living for the King.” The world tells you, Geeked Up means to get tore up. Geeked Up for us, is the ultimate high. Building your relationship with Jesus and representing him at all times. That’s Geeked Up!

Juju “B” Blessed (V1)
You are now rocking with the ambassadors revo in the building
RIP to this track cause you know we bout to kill it
Five2Oh representer never been a pretender
Everything that I do I keep Christ inside the center
Man I was sinner thank God I been delivered
I gave my life up to Jesus I couldn’t even picture
Now I’m quoting these scripture praying going on missions
Keep that rod and reel on me cause boy I’m goin’ fishing
And It ain’t for attention did I forget to mention
It’s his will on my mind we out here on the grind
And I don’t do this for no money I don’t even get a dime
I do this for the blood that was shed for you and I
And I aint gotta lie boy I’m walking out this truth
Through these bars and in the booth I’m preaching out to the youth
Rappers lying behind their bars like they live inside a zoo
Real recognize real/Please tell me who are you

Beezy (V2)
Left speaker Right speaker
Turn this up and bang this loud for these non believers
These people silent tell us be quiet
But we Five2Oh we geeked up so you know we riot
Aint playing teacher ain’t been no preacher
So don’t ask me nothing all I know is Jesus
Boy what they talking you thought we’d shut up
We don’t turn down for now one for the King we turn up
They done messed up and let us in the building
We got the fool ain’t no time for chillen
Red conquer they thought they’d kill him
Better think twice cause my King is living
That’s when you should get turn’t up//that’s when you would get turn’t up
Go Dum check the score its game over we been won
2 3 no Bron James no MJ Father Ghost Son
We in it no gimmicks no play son
If you with it lets get it and say something
Y’all all know when we act up everybody start acting up
We wild n out and we rep the King you ain’t bout that life
Man I doubt it man

Rill (V3)
You ain’t geeked up if you ain’t living for the King
It’s all about Jesus put him over errything
Never lose gave me the power like a power tool
Shine so bright light in the room beast mode I never get consumed
Never that you heard of that
The one that take your sin and then forget all that
Man the powers real, go and get you some
Fill the tank no aluminum
Hold up no back down no post up
It’s Five2Oh man I told You
Ambassador I know you heard of it and for doing that God said acquit
Doing that God said acquit
Yeah homie living water go and take a sip
So we geeked up and we acting wild
They look at me as set a profile
No Facebook and no Twitter g
We staying repping that trinity Trinity
Yeah we rep that trinity Geeked up I know you feeling me

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