FIERCE is a one-day faith-building event for young girls between the ages of 12 to 18. The event is structured to provide urban leaders opportunities to connect and converse with young girls. Together, we encourage the development of Godly, strong, courageous, and FIERCE women in Christ.

This year’s lineup included Myesha Chaney, Luma Haddad (Los Angeles Young Life), Noemi Chavez (Pastor, Revive Church L.A.), and hosted by music artist Shuree.

Hosted in Long Beach, California, Fierce is an annual event where urban leaders can bring their girls for refreshment and spiritual strengthening.

Here are a number of workshops that were taught this year…

How to Impact Your Campus for Christ
taught by Tanisha Walton
There are kids on your school campus who need to see that Jesus is alive through your life. Are you ready to impact your campus for Christ? What would it look like if your school was truly impacted by Jesus? What would happen if the reckless love of God invaded your campus? Discover 3 principles you can use to turn this prayer in reality.

Dealing With Hurts & Disappointments
taught by Tiana Spencer
What happens when life doesn’t go your way? Where is God and what is He doing in the hard times? In this session, we want to sit with these hard questions and together see what God has to say about them.

“Stuck like glue” Why Purity Matters:
How to Keep Healthy Relationships & Boundaries

taught by Donna Martin
We will discover the spiritual, emotional, and physiological reasons why God intends for us to remain pure. We will also explore and identify the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Loving the Temple God Gave Me: Having a Healthy Body Image
taught by Yleana Cueva
Hey girl! Let’s dive deeper into what it really means to love the skin we’re in. When it comes to loving our temples, we’ve got to ask ourselves what are we feeding it with? Is it filled with the endless scrolls of our IG feed, or the word of God that’s lasting and true? Let’s chat about it together.

I am Who You Say I Am: Embracing Your Identity as His Daughter
taught by Melinda Asimakos
So often we allow circumstances to influence how we see ourselves and our relationship with God. Yet understanding how and why He created us can offer great clarity, focus, joy, and peace. In this workshop, Melinda will share her personal experience of coming to understand her true identity as a daughter of God.

We’re Living in Tough Times: How to be a Peacemaker
taught by Vanessa Cruz
We hear now more than ever about all the injustice happening in our world! For some of us we have experienced it first hand. Perhaps it has been something you have been wrestling with …join us as we learn from each other and learn how we can be peacemakers while living in tough times?