Seattle native, Xola, also known as Kid Sensation, made his name by being one of the first major hip-hop acts to break out of Seattle alongside Grammy Award Winning Sir Mix-A-Lot, and still is making major moves on the Seattle music scene with the debut of his newest single “Letters” featuring his 12-year-old son, Kendi Fresh.

Xola and Kendi’s new single is a “letter” between the father-son duo, and speaks to the important relationship between a father and his child. Xola recalled, “as a man raised without a father, I understand the impact an engaged, healthy father figure can have on a kid and his future. We want to inspire dads and kids find ways to creatively engage.”

As a solo artist, Kid Sensation released 5 CDs, and sold over 1,000,000 units. Then a major shift happened. That major shift was God’s presence. Xola began recording music with messages under his real name, and creating content for sports music endeavors, and various charities. He has contributed to music in Seattle in a major way, and brings an energy unlike any other performers in the Northwest. He has created music for former Seattle Seahawks running back Shawn Alexander’s local FSN show, and also some of the most talked about team songs of all time, such as the “Ichiro Song”; the only song licensed by Ichiro and the Seattle Mariners, and the co-recorded duet “The way I swing” with Ken Griffey Jr. Most recently, The Official Legion of Boom song, in 2015. Xola made his big screen debut in the Sundance Award Winner, Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) starring Kristen Bell, Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson, and directed by Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, 2015).

12-year-old Kendi Fresh has been collaborating on music with his dad for a few years, and his debut single/video “Lean” started a dance craze that led to partnerships with police departments from Tacoma to Pasco, Washington to lean together with kids in the community.